5 Reasons You Should Not Hang String Lights Above Your Pool

25 June 2017
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A common backyard trend is hanging string lights. The reason for this is that it lights the entire space really well while also giving off a good ambiance. However, while it looks great in most spaces in the backyard, you should not be stringing them across the pool. Here are five reasons why: Electrocution: Electrocution is entirely possible with string lights. Of course, if you have a properly installed outlet that the string lights are attached to, the circuit should trip once the lights hit the water. Read More 

What Every Snowbird With Boiler Heating Or Spas Needs To Know Before Flying South For The Winter

7 June 2017
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Snowbirds are lucky individuals who move to warmer states for the winter months. In fact, snowbirds generally flock together in Florida. If you've finally reached retirement and are planning on spending your winters in a warmer southern state, there are a few important things to consider about your northern home, especially if you have boiler heating and a spa. Here's what you need to know.  Leave the utilities on Read More 

3 Benefits Of Buying A Floating Skimmer For Your Swimming Pool

29 May 2017
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If you own your own swimming pool, you might have already spent a lot of money on the installation of the pool, buying and maintaining the pump, purchasing pool chemicals and even buying pool toys. There is one last thing that you may want to consider buying for your pool, however -- a floating pool skimmer. As the name suggests, a pool skimmer simply floats around your pool and helps with cleaning. Read More 

3 Primary Types Of Above-Ground Pool Liner Types

10 May 2017
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If you have an above ground pool, you are going to need to purchase a pool liner for your pool. There are three types of pool liners that are popular with above-ground pools: unibead, beaded and overlap liners. Here is a quick rundown of how these three types of liners are similar and how they differ from one another. #1 Unibead Unibead are a great type of liner to go with because they are a compromise between the other two types of liners – beaded and overlap. Read More 

Beautiful Ideas To Dress Up Your Hot Tub

26 April 2017
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A hot tub is an ideal addition to your lifestyle. It can become the center of your outdoor living or just provide a relaxing getaway. Adding a hot tub to your patio or yard is relatively easy, since it's a self-contained vessel with all the plumbing and electrical components located in the cabinet. Now it's just a matter of dressing up your hot tub to integrate it into your outdoors. Read More