Tips For New Swimming Pool Owners

19 April 2017
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Owning a swimming pool can provide your home with an important source of entertainment and exercise. Unfortunately, those that are new to owning a pool will often face problems and issues that they are uninformed about solving. To help you with caring for your pool, you should have a thorough understanding about some of the more common and effective pool care tips.

Install An Automatic Leaf Remover

Removing leaves from the pool is one of the types of maintenance that will need to be done the most frequently. Failing to remove leaves from the pool can result in the water becoming dirty and the pump developing a severe clog. Sadly, there are some people that may be averse to performing this maintenance due to the fact that it may require hours over the course of a month. Fortunately, you can eliminate much this work through investing in an automated leaf remover. These are basic robots that will drag a net through the water. This net will collect any leaves that have managed to fall into the pool.

Test The Water Quality Each Week

Ensuring that the water quality for the pool is as high as possible is essential for protecting the aesthetics of your pool, the equipment that it needs to run and the safety of those swimming in the water. Sadly, some pool owners will fail to regularly test the water quality of the pool. This can lead to chemical imbalances occurring that could lead to the rapid growth of algae. By taking the time to test the water quality on a weekly basis, you will be able to make adjustments to the pool to correct these imbalances before they are able to cause significant issues for the pool.

Check Above Ground Pools For Exterior Damage

For those that own above-ground pools, the exterior will be subjected to numerous hazards. Mowing the lawn could send rocks and other hard debris colliding into the sides of the pool and exposure to the elements can degrade the vinyl. When these problems arise, you may find that the pool develops leaks or large ruptures. If you find that the exterior of the pool has started to warp or has developing small cracks, it will be possible to repair these damages through the use of a patch to reinforce the exterior of the pool wall. Due to the importance of this repair being done correctly, you should retain a professional pool repair technician for this need. Otherwise, the patch may not be correctly installed, which could allow the damage to continue to worsen.

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