Don't Wait Until Summer: 3 Steps To Take To Get Your Pool Ready Early

18 October 2017
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You may have just shut down your swimming pool for the winter, but it's not too early to start thinking about next year. Opening up the swimming pool after a long, cold winter is never easy. In fact, it can be downright difficult if you've never done that before. If this will be the first winter with your new swimming pool, here are three simple steps that will take the work out of opening it up next year.

Get Started Early

You might have been told that it's best to wait until summer to open your swimming pool. However, waiting until summer can open you up to additional work. It's actually better to open your swimming pool up in the spring. First, opening your pool in the spring will give you cooler weather to work in, which means you won't need to get overheated during the process. Second, opening your spring in the spring will reduce the time that algae has a chance to grow in your pool while it's covered up. Get a head start on the process by opening your pool in the spring.

Filter the Pool Until the Water Runs Clear

Opening your pool up early will reduce the amount of algae you'll need to worry about. However, you'll still have some algae to contend with. Don't be surprised if your faced with light green water when you take the cover off your pool. The best way to get rid of the algae is to start running your pump. Start with a clean filter. Turn the pump on and let it run until the filter gets dirty. Clean the filter, and start again. Continue the process until your pool water is crystal clear. Once you've done the basic filtering of the water, and gotten rid of the algae, you'll want to give it a good shock. Following the proper guidelines, administer a dose of pool shock and continue to run the filter.

Have the System Inspected

After you've got the pool up and running, you'll need to have the system inspected. This will ensure that your pool will be ready to give you hours of fun, all summer long. During the pre-season pool inspection, you'll need to have the pump, filter, and heater tested. Pool service companies can get busy during the summer. Scheduling a service call during the spring will give you a head start on the season.