Are You Ready For A Custom Swimming Pool? Questions To Ask Yourself

2 January 2018
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It's fun to imagine having a custom swimming pool in your backyard. Swimming is one of the best full-body exercises out there, and pools are fantastic for entertainment purposes. But before you break ground, you should consider all the pros and cons of this investment. Here are a few questions to ask yourself before contacting a contractor about custom swimming pools. Are You Planning on Staying in Your Current Home for Some Time? Read More 

Costly Mistakes Of Hot-Tubbing In Winter

20 November 2017
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If you are Norwegian, Finnish, or Swedish, you might practice the fine holiday/seasonal art of hot-tubbing in freezing weather. While this may sound "off" to other people, it is perfectly normal in your culture and/or ancestral heritage. However, you could make some costly mistakes hot-tubbing in winter, all of which will require hot tub repair after the fact. Here are those mistakes and how to avoid them or make the damages less costly. Read More 

Don’t Wait Until Summer: 3 Steps To Take To Get Your Pool Ready Early

18 October 2017
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You may have just shut down your swimming pool for the winter, but it's not too early to start thinking about next year. Opening up the swimming pool after a long, cold winter is never easy. In fact, it can be downright difficult if you've never done that before. If this will be the first winter with your new swimming pool, here are three simple steps that will take the work out of opening it up next year. Read More 

Signs It’s Time To Repair Or Replace Your Swimming Pool Pump

31 July 2017
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If you maintain your pool properly, it should give you many years of enjoyment without breaking down. However, everything tends to get worn out with age and a pool pump is no different, especially considering how hard it works day after day. A pump contains several parts, and any of those can break or malfunction. Here are some signs of problems with your pool pump and possible ways to fix it. Read More