3 Primary Types Of Above-Ground Pool Liner Types

10 May 2017
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If you have an above ground pool, you are going to need to purchase a pool liner for your pool. There are three types of pool liners that are popular with above-ground pools: unibead, beaded and overlap liners. Here is a quick rundown of how these three types of liners are similar and how they differ from one another.

#1 Unibead

Unibead are a great type of liner to go with because they are a compromise between the other two types of liners – beaded and overlap. You can use a unibead liner in a couple of different ways. You can take it and hook it right over the pool wall rim. Or you can use a bead receiver for the liner and use a beaded liner set-up in order to secure the unibead liner in place. Unibead liners are great because you can use them and set them up like either a beaded or overlap liner.

They are really strong, just like an overlap liner. They also provide you with lots of visual patterns and variety like a beaded liner.

#2 Beaded

If you are looking for a liner that is really easy to install and change out, a beaded liner is the way to go.  With a beaded liner, there is a receiver that goes around the outer edge of your pool that you just clip the beaded liner into. It goes into place without a lot of effort and the line receiver helps pull the liner taunt so that it looks smooth and consistent around the pool.

Beaded liners also come in a wide array of designs, so if you are looking for a unique and custom look for the inside of your pool, a beaded liner is often the best way to achieve that.

#3 Overlap

Overlap liners are installed a little differently than beaded liners. Overlap liners use a set of strips that are attached to the pool wall and then to the liner itself. The coping strips are made out of plastic and kind of look like a giant paperclip that holds the liner in place. The coping strips are designed to overlap one another; this allows each strip to support each other and ensure that your liner is securely in place. You have to use the coping strips to create the shape of your pool.

Overlap liners usually come in basic solid colors, and do not come in as many unique patterns as beaded and unibead liners. 

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