5 Reasons You Should Not Hang String Lights Above Your Pool

25 June 2017
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A common backyard trend is hanging string lights. The reason for this is that it lights the entire space really well while also giving off a good ambiance. However, while it looks great in most spaces in the backyard, you should not be stringing them across the pool. Here are five reasons why:

  1. Electrocution: Electrocution is entirely possible with string lights. Of course, if you have a properly installed outlet that the string lights are attached to, the circuit should trip once the lights hit the water. However, it's still best not to take a chance. Remember that accidents do happen, so even if you know the outlet is installed properly and the lights are heavily secured, there is still a chance that they could fall, especially if you have someone not acting responsibly in the pool or if you have guests playing ball and the ball accidentally hits the lights and they fall.
  2. Injury: Another reason is that not only is electrocution a possibility, but also injury. If the lights fall, the stringed wire could wrap around someone and injury them seriously or the bulb could break and hit someone in the face or someone could trip over wires that are too low and possibly fall into the pool. Overall, it's extremely dangerous. 
  3. More Caution: You already have to be cautious enough around the pool, but when you add string lights above it, you are going to have to be more cautious since you won't be able to play any kind of pool ball game. This makes it a bit less fun to be spending time in your swimming pool. 
  4. Difficult to Clean: Since you need to use long cleaning tools to clean the pool, such as a net, it's going to be more difficult to maneuver because it might hit the string lights. For this reason, it could possibly take twice as long to clean the swimming pool. 
  5. Not Made for Above Pools: If you are looking for more lighting for your swimming pool, it's much better to install pool lighting that is made for the swimming pool. You can hire a swimming pool contractor to come up with an ideal lighting design that is safer and ideal for swimming pools. It's much better this way since string lights are not manufactured to be specifically used for swimming pools. 

When you know these five reasons you should not hang string lights above your pool, you can be sure that you use other, safer alternatives. Contact a company like Majestic Services for more information and assistance.