Pool Net Care And Usage Tips

24 July 2017
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There are many tools that you will need to use if you are to keep your swimming pool well-maintained. The pool net will be one of the tools that you use most frequently as you will need this device whenever there are leaves, sticks or other items that need to be scooped out of the water. Unfortunately, pool owners will frequently neglect to care for their nets, and this can dramatically reduce their lifespans. To aid you with caring for your nets and getting the best performance out of them, you will need to be aware of a few net care and usage tips.

Invest In Both Shallow And Deep Nets

Individuals will often assume that all pool nets are created equal. Yet, there are different designs for different uses. It can be common for pool owners to only have one net for scooping out materials. However, it may be best to invest in at least two. By having one net that is designed for skimming the surface of the water and another that is designed for being used along the bottom of the pool, you can ensure that you are able to easily remove any materials that may have fallen in your water.

Rinse The Nets After Each Use

After each time that you use the net, you should thoroughly rinse it. Failing to rinse the nets can allow chlorine and other pool chemicals to stay in contact with the netting for a long period of time. This can allow these chemicals to degrade and weaken the netting fabric. Once this happens, the net will be more likely to develop tears that could ruin their effectiveness. In addition to removing these harmful chemicals, rinsing your nets after each use will remove any algae that may have gotten on the net. If you do not rinse the net after each use, you can inadvertently introduce algae into your water, which can make it more difficult to keep the pool crystal clear.

Properly Store The Nets

During the times when you are not using the nets, you will want to practice a few preventative storage steps to avoid allowing the nets to degrade. More precisely, you will need to ensure that you are keeping the net out of direct sunlight as these rays can degrade the fabric in the netting. Additionally, you should keep the net in a dry location so that mold and rot do not start to affect the netting.