4 Pool Equipment Maintenance Tips To Reduce Water Quality Problems During Hot Weather

4 June 2018
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When the weather gets hot outside, you want to be able to enjoy the pool that you have invested in. The problem during hot weather is that it causes the water quality to degrade rapidly. The hottest days of summer are a time when you want to cool off in the pool, but there is a lot of maintenance that needs to be done to maintain your pool and water quality. Here are some pool equipment maintenance tips that will help you enjoy your pool this summer without water quality problems:

1. Chlorine Dispensers and Using Them More during Extremely Hot Weather

Chlorine, which is used to kill off organisms like bacteria that make water unsafe for swimming, is an important treatment for many pools. Modern pool equipment often has chlorine dispensers, which add chlorine to your pool as it is needed. During hot weather, the chlorine may be used more quickly, and you will want to check the dispenser frequently to ensure your pool has the right amount of chlorine. If your pool does not have a chlorine dispenser, talk with a pool repair service about adding one.

2. Backwashing Filters and Cleaning More Frequently during Extreme Heat

The filter of your pool is another component that needs frequent maintenance during hot weather. You will want to check your pool filter frequently and change the cartridges or filtration medium during hot weather. When doing this maintenance, it is also a good idea to backwash the filter to ensure that it is clean and no debris is causing problems with the equipment.

3. Shocking Your Pool at the Right Time during Summer Heatwaves

There is also maintenance that needs to be done during hot weather to keep water clean and clear. When it is extremely hot outside, you will want to shock your pool more frequently. This is a treatment done to raise the chlorine levels for a short period of time to ensure that any organisms are not thriving in the water of your pool.

4. Routine Cleaning of Skimmers and Weekly Anti-Algae Treatments to Keep Water Clear

The skimmers of your pool also need to be cleaned regularly during hot weather. It is a good idea to remove skimmer baskets and clean them with a diluted bleach solution to ensure that algae does not start to grow on them. In addition, you will also want to add weekly anti-algae treatments to your pool to ensure that the water stays clean and clear.

Whether or you have in ground or above ground swimming pools, these are some pool maintenance tips that will help you prevent water quality problems, so you can enjoy your pool with the weather is at its hottest. If you need help with repairs or maintenance, contact a pool maintenance service for help.